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Governor Scott Responds to HSR Lawsuit


  • 03 Mar 2011 12:22 PM | Deleted user
    I notice in the earlier post, that King Scott would not mind spending the money if it was for just about anything other than rail. Obviously he spends too much time listening to Cato and Reason (Unreason) to make an informed decision. Personally, I am opposed to the HSR and agree with him that is a boondoggle, but I also know a little bit about how a democratic government is supposed to operate, and 48% of Floridians (which did not include me) assumed they were electing a governor, and not anointing a KING. He needs to be cut down to size quickly and I hope the Florida court does this in the next several hours. If he had wanted to cancel the project, the correct process would have been to ask the legislature, which would have taken a special session, and I am reasonably sure he would have LEGALLY got what he wanted.
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    • 08 Mar 2011 10:43 PM | Anonymous member
      the only thing missing in Reason Foundation's name is a "t" in front of it. Cato maens Cars Are The Only.
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