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Conservatives Praise Governor Rick Scott for Returning High Speed Rail Funds to Feds

23 Feb 2011 10:26 AM | Jackson McQuigg (Administrator)

Their message: passenger rail does not work. Ever.

And they cite Amtrak and Tri-Rail as examples of this position.

From the Sunshine State News:

--Jackson McQuigg


  • 23 Feb 2011 6:50 AM | Deleted user
    The first statement that Amtrak received $40B in 2010 is dead
    wrong. Amtrak has not received much more than $40B in it's entire existence. It is obvious that these so-called conservatives will use any ruse, lie, or whatever, to make a point. Even so, I don't support Amtrak anymore myself. We could and ought, to do much better.
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    • 15 Apr 2011 9:31 PM | Anonymous member
      Scott is willing to bow down to all the false fcts and phony figures that all the libertarian liars can cook up to protect the interests of their selfish shady car dealers.
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