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Back to the 1980s: House Plan Eliminates Amtrak Funding

09 Feb 2011 5:31 PM | Jackson McQuigg (Administrator)

In the wake of President Obama's high speed rail plans, Republicans in the house are encouraging the elimination of funding for Amtrak and high speed rail.

Veteran rail advocates will remember many of these same anti-passenger rail arguments originally surfaced in the 1980s.

At last report, elimination of funding for highways was not being considered.

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--Jackson McQuigg


  • 10 Feb 2011 2:18 AM | Anonymous
    Understand the FAA and aid to "essential airports" are also on the list. If highways are covered by gas taxes, I have no problem but if out of the general budget or so called stimulus funds (like Wisconsin & Ohio wanted to do) , I will fight any use of these funds for highways . You are either a conservative across the board and cannot pick roads over rail .That constitutes an earmark.
    I find that my fellow conservatives have been educated by reading "Yes To Railroads" in National Review by the last William F. Buckley. The fact is that all modes should bite
    the bullet because our country is broke !!!!
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  • 10 Feb 2011 6:42 AM | Deleted user
    Our Country was broke 50 years ago, but we are just figuring it out. At least 50 years ago, the Chinese didn't hold the mortgage. Buckley had it right, and so does the other commentor. Pull subsidy for rail, and by crackey PULL ALL OF IT FOR HIGHWAYS, AIRLINES, FREIGHT RAILROADS, WATERWAYS, GOKART TRACKS AND WHATEVER.
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  • 10 Feb 2011 5:29 PM | Anonymous
    The sky isn't falling, guys. You've been drinking too much of that Kool-Aid (or is it tea?). I belong to this organization and NARP, and I sent my congressman, Stearns, a letter expressing my thoughts. We can't afford NOT to invest in this country's infrastructure and transportation systems, and if the private sector won't do it, the public sector has to.
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    • 11 Feb 2011 6:54 AM | Deleted user
      Stearns is not the problem, he has been generally helpful. It's John Mica that has to be controlled on this issue. How about a barage of letters from you members down in central Florida.
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  • 11 Feb 2011 8:41 AM | Jackson McQuigg (Administrator)
    Personally, I am really concerned about this situation.

    The President and Vice President are pushing all sorts of passenger rail projects at a time their popularity is waning.


    One could make the argument, in fact, that passenger rail is becoming a partisan issue as a result. It seems to be a test of "true conservatism" to be anti-passenger train.

    House Republicans? Some of them, anyway? A problem. Governor Rick Scott? Apparently a problem, too. Why? They seem to be singling out rail projects as examples of "wasteful spending."

    That's garbage-- eliminating Amtrak (or even Obama's high speed rail program) will have very little effect on the national debt or our recurring deficits.

    And since the politicians are still unwilling to take on entitlement spending, they will try to kill the smaller programs in an effort to demonstrate "results" (why else would they be going after the Corporation for Public Broadcasting again?-- as if that will move the needle, either).

    This is exactly the sort of environment where Amtrak funding will be zeroed out. We need to stay on our toes.
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