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New Book on High Speed Rail

08 Jul 2012 6:10 PM | Jackson McQuigg (Administrator)
New books on passenger trains are always welcome. Those which look into what might be the future of passenger rail in the United States are even more welcome.

In May, high speed rail advocate and author Emy Louie and co-author Nancy Bolts released their book Fast Trains--America's High Speed Rail Future for Kindle ebook readers. It is a great addition to existing scholarship on passenger rail.

Within the electronic pages of Fast Trains, Louie and Bolt identify successful high speed rail projects around the globe and identify the potential for HSR throughout the United States.

High speed rail projects are perhaps more controversial than ever in the current extremely polarized political environment. President Obama's high speed rail program has been dubbed "Obamarail" by critics eager to compare it to another one of the President's domestic programs, the health care law.

While the griping by fiscal conservatives who oppose nearly all increases in government spending is to be expected, more interesting still has been the opposition to the President's high speed rail programs from longtime rail advocates who suggest that rail dollars can and should be spent on other rail programs, notably Amtrak.

Thankfully, Louie and Bolt sidestep the American political debate and focus on HSR projects which are working elsewhere in places like Spain, Korea, and France and relate how these rail systems might provide lessons to transportation planners in the U.S.

What's more, they also point out how American high speed rail can work together with existing passenger train services in the United States and the opportunity for the private sector to play an important role in the development and operation of high speed rail in America.

In short, Fast Trains is refreshing. If you have an ebook reader, it's worth checking out!

More about Fast Trains and its authors can be found on the book's website, located here:

--Jackson McQuigg
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